About Me


Who am I?


Hello there WordPress, I am Jamie, an aspiring wannabe author and English teacher when I am older. I love to read and write and I play games when I get the time. My favorite genre of games would have to be RPG games — hence my forum called RPG Lounge. πŸ˜›


I have been writing literature since I was the age of 7 and ever since then I have participated in writing workshops and have been going on writing forums, hopefully to improve my literature skills. I believe I have come a long way — I am now the owner of a successful site, I have an awesome family and I have won many writing competitions. πŸ˜€


To get inspiration for my work, I mainly go to Deviant ART.com, shooting for the fantasy images first up πŸ˜› I love fantasy and I like writing about the genre. If you ask what my favorite mythical creature was, I’d say dragon!


I am owner of a multi-genre roleplay and RPG discussion site called RPG Lounge, the link is:Β http://rpglounge.forumotion.com/Β The site opened in early August and ever since it has been quite successful.


Well, that is enough about me for now, in this blog, I will be posting things that are inpirational, motivational and are simply awesome!


See everyone around!



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