Pudding night

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The green sodapop blogger

Laying on the moon
I want to eat crème brulee.

Walking tonight
At fifteen my breath shallow, project in mind, I hear my steps and feel for the familiarity of the ringbox.
At half, lights inside houses not yet unwanted, merely I am curious about their lives.
At forty five flower language I start to speak their tongue. Drinking nectar? Enjoy.

After a while my hair my beautiful silky hair reminds me of my skin, cool to touch at last.
When it brushes against neck, face, I want to bury my hands in the silk.
Breathe deeply, drink the flowers
lay on the moon and eat crème brulee.

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Hello there!

Hello there WordPress, welcome me to the vast world of blogging, something I have experienced in the past. I have made some previous blogs but they had no great potential. I believe this blog has some great potential and will contain some awesome content.

If you have any suggestions or some sort of feedback, please contact me right away!

Thanks guys, see you around! If you want to check out my website, you can view it here http://rpglounge.forumotion.com/ It was opened in early August and has been growing ever since. 😀


-Draco :3